Orientation Day

I need to post this article, blogging is hard work ^^. Tomorrow will be officially my first day at school. ^^ More on that later.

I went to my orientation day like 2-3 days ago. I thought o day is only for a day, according to the information sheets that I have received beforehand. But we had to go back to school again the next day to complete the registration process.

Entrance to LCB Sydney

Omg, I had to take 2 trains and a bus for roughly 2 hours to go to school from where I live in Wollongong. Upon reaching Sydney, it was raining and I have forgotten to bring any umbrella. :/ It was definitely very exciting to finally walk up to the school that I’ve been dreaming to go to since many years ago.

LCB Sydney

And there I was, at the entrance of LCB (Le Cordon Bleu), under the rain, looking forward to it all. Anyway, what surprised me the most upon reaching there was the amount of Asians there. Let’s make this clear now, I’m an Asian, and though I may sound racist, I merely speak out my thoughts. Racism is unavoidable, that’s for sure, but for me, I will never judge a person based on race alone. So back to where I was, there was definitely no non-Asian students there when I arrived.

From what I see, I reckon theres a few Aussies, a few Europians, some from Thailand, Brunei, Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia and China, and a handful of Koreans and Japanese. Actually, a lot of Koreans and Japanese when compared to the other nationalities. So, after the registrations, we went for orientation, listening to talks, etc.


Orientation was pretty long, not long-winded though. It was pretty straight-forward and good information to know. And it was definitely good to see and get to know the chefs whom we will be learning from. ^^ Most of the chefs, from the way they look and speak, seems to be really friendly and are definitely there to teach and impart their knowledge to us.

We had 2 breaks, a tea break and a lunch break. Had yummy pastries to eat for lunch and a variety of sandwiches, fruits and cakes for lunch. ^^ Yum. Met a lot of nice people and new friends as well. To sum it all, the first day of orientation was very good and exciting for most of us. There was a guy from the Phillipines who just arrived in Sydney that same morning, deprived of sleep and over-excited like a caffeinated rat. ^^ Great guy.

I should go to bed soon, the second day of orientation was mostly finishing up with registrations and schedules. And omg… the schedules. We pretty much have a 2 hour theory, and 3 days each of 2.5 hours demo (demonstration) and 3.5 hours prac (practical) every week. My pastry intake was split into 3 groups with the first 2 groups getting Thurs, Fri, Sat and group 3 getting Mon, Tues, Wed. All 3 groups share the same theory class which was on Monday. I’m in group 2 and that means that I have to go to school 4 days a week instead of just 3. -_- very tiring… . And no, we don’t get to choose our groups. :/

On the same day, I got my uniform and tool set from the shop. Still need to get work shoes though. Will post pictures of the uniforms and knives later. ^^ So yeah, tomorrow, Monday, theory class. >< See you again after Monday’s class. Good night.


~ by limmyfox on April 28, 2008.

2 Responses to “Orientation Day”

  1. Sounds like a hectic schedule dude. So are you going to be living in Sydney now? What do you think of those Global knives? I don’t know shit about cooking but I’ve heard great things about having a good chef’s knife.

  2. I don’t know mate. :/ 2 things mostly. My sis and myself. Don’t want to neither leave her nor myself alone. And the knives are definitely really good. Take the cleaver for example, “That’s a knife!” And yeah, you can never underestimate a good knife… .

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