Cho Dumpling King, Haymarket

It was a Sunday and I had absolutely no reason to go to Sydney whatsoever. I mean, you really need a good motivation in order to willingly go through at least 3 hours total traveling time. Unfortunately for me, there was a major blackout in one of the Sydney cities and the therefore, the train was delayed. Instead of one 90 minute train ride, I had to spend 3 hours on 3 different trains just to get to Sydney central (another 3 hours back home). >< 

Cho Dumpling King

Cho Dumpling King

Fortunately as Ja and I were both walking around aimlessly under the Sydney rain having a great time being lost in Glebe, Ultimo and Haymarket, I happened to chance upon this restaurant: Cho Dumpling King. What caught my eyes first was the amount of people waiting outside (I later guessed that most of them were waiting for their take-away orders). I mean, how often do you see Chinese (don’t you dare get technical on me ^^) people lining up outside a Chinese restaurant. 

Glorious side dishes

Glorious side dishes

The second thing that caught my eyes are the abundant side dishes available which you can see from outside the restaurant itself. There’s a huge menu plastered over the front of the shop and apparently, we had to place our order with the waitress guarding the entrance first (she looked like she would bite if she had to) before you’re allowed inside this little Taiwanese restaurant. Sadly, it seems that the dumplings have all been sold out and I’m sure it would have been great to taste the dumpling king’s dumplings. ^^ (a good reason to come back again)

Simple dinner

Simple dinner

Ja and I decided to share a main and 2 side dishes: rice with pork belly (Taiwanese style?), fried anchovies with chili and (stir-fried?) spinach with garlic and some pork belly. Total cost = $12 for 2. O.o The side dishes (changed daily) are $3 a dish and you pretty much just walk to the window and pick up whatever you want (while deftly manuevering yourself between other diners thanks to the small space ^^). So, if you like, you can pretty much grab yourself 6 different dishes for $20! Tell me that isn’t a bargain.

Mmm more side dishes

Mmm more side dishes

A few minutes (quick!) after we sat down at our table, the food started coming out and guess what, when Ja first tasted she told me it made her happy. ^^ That, is what I call good, homely, comfort food that you often can’t get at most expensive restaurants. It just saddens me that I didn’t know about this place earlier and at a time when my days in Australia are starting to get numbered. Best Taiwanese in Sydney, enough said.

Cho Dumpling King
Shop 6, 8 Quay St
Haymarket NSW 2000
Phone (02) 9281 2760

~ by limmyfox on June 16, 2008.

5 Responses to “Cho Dumpling King, Haymarket”

  1. Hullo friend! :)

    Mmm.. the food in CDK looks good! And $12 for 2 -is- a bargain! Kinda makes up for the blackout doesn’t it? ;)

    Most one-off dishes in Melb cost at least $8 pp now.. sigh. I miss the $6 days..

    Btw, Australian days are getting numbered? You’re leaving soon?

  2. I’ve eaten there – it is very yummy. The ‘side dishes’ though are very big! So fast a little before going ;)

    ps. Thanks for stopping by my lil corner of the web!

  3. Most likely my dear friend. Most likely less than 3 months.

  4. Did we pass by this place before?? Haha, AUD $12 for 2. Enough for 2 (normal, not poor) eaters? U still dun mail me ur entries :(

  5. Ur cam phone quite nice, hor? :)

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